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Составьте письменно общие вопросы к предложениям: 1.our teacher knows foreigh languages 2. he has graduated from our university last year 3. we shall go to samara next week 4.they are working in our garden 5. i have just read this book 6. i took this book from my friend 7.he likes reading books. 8. she has many relaties abroad 9.they were in many countries 10. russia is the largest country in the world. заранее большое.

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birthday is a very wonderful day. everybody likes to celebrate it. it is a good opportunity to spend time with friends, parents, relatives.in the morning on my birthday my parents lay the presents near my bed. so the first thing i see when i open my eyes is my presents.

usually we hold my birthday party in the evening. once we went to a cafe to celebrate my birthday, but usually we celebrate it at home.in the morning of birthday party day my father goes shopping and buyes everything we need. my mother bakes a cake or pie.i am always very glad to meet my guests. i like to get flowers and presents.

we dance and sing songs, play games, tell funny stories.

i think that my birthday is one of the best days in a year.

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вред не означает повреждение . я встаю рано всю свою жизнь и это не плохо.ваши слова не приятны, они задевают меня. большой вред был причинен огнем в прошлом году. поджечь. огонь - условие горения. она боится огня. опасность в старом деревянном доме велика. никто не знает, кто поджигал дом. сохранять что-то чистым, означает продолжать быть чистым. содержите свое рабочее место в чистоте. если вы не чистите зубы, это причинит вам вред.1 час, 24 минут тому

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mark hey, jenny. why are you standing there? (are you watching) someone?

jenny yes, look - mandy and shaun 2 (are talking).

mark oh, yes, and mandy (are smiling). what (are they saying)?

jenny i'm not sure. i can't hear.

mark shaun never (speaks) to mandy.

jenny yes, he does. he sometimes (jokes) with her in class.

mark he (is leaving) now, but she (is not going) with him.

jenny mmm. very interesting!

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does our teacher know foreigh languages? has he graduated from our university last year? shall we go to the samara next week? are they working in our garden? have i just read this book? did i take this book from my friend? is he like reading books? has she many relaties abroad? did they be in many countries?

is russia the largest country in the world?

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