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Раскройте скобки употребляя глаголы в present simple 1.3 sport(make) people healthy.1.4 all my friends(go) in for different kinds of sport.1.5 our teacher (know) several foreign languages

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  1)запланированно и произойдет  . i promise i'll come.

2)запланированно в соответствии с графиком.we are going to have.

3)в данную минуту принятое решение.возможно перезвонит ,возможно нет,но ответ будет i'll call back.

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вроде так:


he will not write 10 stories on tuesday.he will not see russia for the environment.it will not be able to send 200 cards on thursday.he will not make 99 large cakes on sunday. 

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1) hospital students find extra-curricular activities very practical

2)   using this item requires ongoing evaluation.

3)   i will get a master’s diploma if i retake this exam

4) he repeated all the rules for the seminar when he was in the hostel

5) when i graduated from this course, student favor annoyed me

6)   this course goes deep into the subject, but makes me independent

7) this university has no special facilities or even a hostel

8) the teacher constantly evaluates term papers, and we may not pass the exam

вроде так. ☺

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1.3 makes

1.4 go

1.5 knows

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1.3 sport  makes  people healthy.

1.4 all my friends  goes  in for different kinds of sport.

1.5 our teacher  knows  several foreign languages

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