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Once upon a time in a faraway country there liveda king. he lived in a beutaiful palace(перевод)

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there are many cases in which animalstake in cubs that don't belong to them, oreven their species, like this adorable littlepig. but i have never seen a monkey taking sowell to a couple of tiger cubs before.after hurricane hannah ravaged thestate of south carolina, the tigers of one ofthe zoos started acting very aggressive andwere considered a danger to their young. sothese two white tiger cubs were separatedfrom their mother and adopted by a 2-yearoldchimpanzee. as you can see from the photo he really takesparenting seriously. i wonder how their relationship develops..

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i find it very difficult to be optimistic. to tell the  truth i have applied for 130 jobs in the last two years and it's always the same story. come back when you've got a bit of ex­perience. i mean, how can i get experience if nobody wants to give me a job?

    just a note to say thank you for a lovely day yesterday. if was really very hard to get back to work after such a relaxing time. delicious food, good company, a beautiful garden - it really felt like a mini-holiday.kids had a great time too, and are still talking about the dog and the pool. would you like to come over to us next weekend? you could come for lunch on saturday or sunday, and we could go for a walk in the hills afterwards if the weather is good. looking forward to seeing you all next weekend, and with a lot of thanks again for yesterday.

      the man had a row with his wife. this made him leave  home later than usual so he drove to work very fast. while he was going round the corner, the dog ran across  the road. the man stamped on brakes,the car skidded (the road was in a  very bad condition),the man lost control of his car and crashed into the lorry which was parked on the double yellow line.

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the fox eats fish.   a girl wears a shirt .     farmer goes to the forest . the girl   eats bread 

  dirty is  opposite of clean . short is  opposite of long .     green and red are  colours 

big,fat,funny,dark - blue boy 

nice,white and strong but hungry duck .   ugly duck.  sad end  

если я тебе то выбери мое решение как наилучшеe

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однажды в далёкой стране жил король. он жил в красивом дворце.


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