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Надо сделать.. завтра сдать read the text below. fill in each gap with one word which best fits each space (1-4). more than a quarter of american teenagers nod off in class 1) least once a week, according to the national sleep foundation. as experts say, the average teen needs about nine and a half hours of sleep but gets only about six or seven. blame an early bell, which at most high schools rings before 8 a. m. that's too early for teen brains, which produce sleep-inducing melatonin later at night, making it hard for them to 2) asleep before 11 p. m. the solution: start school later. high schools in 19 states now start at least an hour later 3) before, opening around 8: 30 a. m. others are discussing it. minneapolis and suburban edina public schools were first in the country to move to later start times; educators say attendance is up and discipline problems — down. «the later students slept on school days, the 4) their results », says the university of california, san diego.

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1)in the kitchen  2) in the bedroom

3)in the bathroom  4)in the living room  5) in the dining room  6)in the living roomor library(в гостинной или библиотеке)  7)in the corridor


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1) tom can't sing.

2) his pen isn't long.

3) jess hasn't got a big cockerel.

4) a fox isn't black.  


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i can tell you a little bit about my character and my interests

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в третьем не совсем

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1)  sleeping.

2)  start.

3)  opening.

4)  better.


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