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Сочинение на тему как я повожу свободное время!

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she- ann, helen , mum,

he- bob, nick , ben,dad

it - clock,  box,tennis,stick, duck,

they - pets, pens, dogs,

  прилагательное - green ,

числительные -seven , ten

глагол -  see.

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1. why is he always laughed at?

2. who has been sent for the doctor? / who was sent for the doctor?

3. the letters have already been sent, haven't they?

4. who was america discovered by?

5. will the exam be passed next week?

6. the money had been payed before the car was delievered.

7. he phoned/called when the letter was being dictated.

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1. are

2. are

3. is

4. are

5. is

6. am

7. are

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my free time i spend with friends and family, but more often with friends. my friends love me. we organize parties and picnics. walk in the park. watch good movies. play active games. just as we walk in the woods. where we gather berries and just look at nature. we do not spend your free time on the computer and the tv. we love to draw and play. i love it. that's how i spend my free time, and you?

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