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Напишите сочинения на тему спорт на .

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a.my sister has  been studying  french since she left school.

b.john has been playing     tennis professionally for two years.

c.i am so tired because i  have been  tidying     the house all day.

d.look at that man.he has been standing      there for half an hour.

e.she has been crying    non-stop since she got his letter.

f.they  have been  sunbathing  since morning.


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1 is

2 are listening

3 works   teaches

4 is cutting

5 is

6 don't know

7 does your brother learn

8 does       don't know

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we have had breakfast already

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sport is a specific kind of physical and intellectual activity which is performed for the purpose of competition, as well as targeted training to them through warm-up exercise. in combination with rest, the desire to gradually improve physical health, improve intelligence, getting moral satisfaction, commitment to excellence, improvement of personal, group and absolute records, fame, improve their own physical capabilities and skills, sport is designed to improve the physical and mental characteristics of an individual.sports - part of physical education. this is actually competitive activity and preparation for it. it is clearly manifested the desire to win, achieve good results, the mobilization of physical, mental and moral qualities. sport is needed in order to influence society.mass sport allows millions of people to improve their physical qualities and motor capabilities, promote health and prolong creative longevity.

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