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Тесты 1. devid left london without _ anybody about it. a. telling b. to tll c. told c. had told. 2. i was too busy _ anyone a. saw b. to see c. had seen d. see. 3 te best thing _ is to discuss everything wuth your parents. a. you do b. that you do. c. for you to do. d. for you do. 4. _ that sign means the brige is closed. a. may b. might c. mabe d. can. 5. i'm glade i don't have _ a visa a. get b. to get c. got d. getting 6. when we came out of the water we _ on the grass. a. laid b. lain c. lay d. lie. 7. jack did not objeck _ plaing the part of a monk. a. against b. to c. of d. on. 8. when he _ the people in the halll he could not say a word. a. had seen b. saw c. would see d. was seen. 9. the rain did not prevent him_poing to the theatre a. against b. of c. from d. out of. 10. on the tabble i saw a book _ at page six. a. opened b. was opebed c. opening d. was opening.

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1) убирай britaian- это страна британия а остальное языки 2)christmas это праздник рождество а остольное уроки 3)language это язык остальное время: неделя минута день.4)last это прошлый (прилогательное) остальное счет 11 5 7  


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last month i want on my holiday to  italy with my friend.we went by boat  and car.we were there for three weeks and we stayed in youth hostels.we had a very good time.we lay on the beach, sunbathed and read books.we went to the beach almost every day.we visited a lot of historical places.the weather was great and the food was fantastic.

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cinderella -  a poor  orphan,  that  wicked stepmother  and her  daughter's  absurd, forced towork  hard  from morning  till night.  she  wants to go to  the royal  ball.  poor girl  comes  to the aid of  fairy godmother!   the force  of magic, it  gives  cinderella  a luxury  coach,  a wonderfuldress  and unusual  glass slippers.

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4.c) (если там написано maybe)




8. a-b




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