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Тест 1. don't forget tnat we _ to meet in the evening. a. must b. will c. are d. shall. 2. jack _ his car but he hasn't found a buyer yet. a. is selling b. will sell c. is going to sell d. sells. 3. i have joined _ the football club. a. to b. at c. for d. - 4. did you see him _ ? a. lately b. by yesterday c. yesterday d. sibce yesterday. 5. several of the trees in the garden were_. a. diseased b. ill c. sick d. unhealthy. 6. my sister is_ her thirties. a. in b. on c. at d. about. 7. if i were you i _ him a. will no call b. did not call c. not call d. would not call. 8. my car needs _. a. serviced b. to service c. services d. to be serviced. 9. _ students must study one foreing language at our institute. a. some b. most c. each d. all. 10. the articles in the ( morning star) are much more difficult than _ in the ( moscow news) a. those b. that c. one d. this.

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1. they won't buy the computer. - future simple.

2. he will be busy. - future simple.

3. next december i will be eleven. - future simple.

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1 amy isn't eleven. she's twelve.

2 a: are you from wales?

  b: yes, i am.

3   we aren't sisters. we're friends.

4 a: are they italian?

  b: no, they aren't.​


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plants too receive the poisoned water, their use in food causes illnesses of a stomach, a liver and kidneys. pollution of the seas lead to degradation of sea flora and fauna. toxins are at the bottom of extinction of hundreds sea organisms.

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6.не знаю






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1)c 2)c 3)d 4)c 5)a 6)a 7) d 8)d 9)d 10)a

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