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Кто разбирается в ? ! ответьте на вопросы: 1) are you going to send an email today? 2) is your mother going to cook tonight? 3) are your parents going to visit you tonight? 4) what are you going to do at seven o clock? 5) is your friend going to visit you tonight? 6)what is your friend going to do at eight o clock?

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1. elephant is the biggest animal in the world. it lives in africa and india. the most famous thing about elephants is their big ears and long  proboscis. 

2.koala is a little bear. it lives in south australia.  koala eats eucalyptus leaves. 

3. tiger is a wild animal. it lives in asia. many kinds of tigers  have died. that is why tigers are in red book.

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слушайте вопрос и повторяйте. тогда сопоставьте

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5^4/5-1^4/9=29/5-13/9=196/45=4^ 16/45 7^5/7+1^4/7=8^9/7=8^9/7 6^ 3/14+2^2/49= 8^25/98 11^3/7-5^1/35=6^8/35 7^15/17+1^4/17=8^19/17
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1) yes, i'm going to send email in half an hour.

2) yes, she is going to cook a big cake with cream for all family and neighbours.

3) no, they are so busy tonight.

4) i'm going to study biology at seven o'clock, because i will   have a test tomorrow.

5) yes, we are going to have a night party.

6) he/she is going to shower.

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краткие ответы 1 yes i am 2 yes she is 3 yes they are ( no , they are not) 4 i am going to read a book. 5 no , he isn't ( no she isn't) 6 my friend will read a book at eight o'clock предлагаю такое решение

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