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Зарание используйте правильный глагол. активный или пассивный? 1.both english and french (speak) here 2.we usually ) vegetables to make salad? 3.robots (use) in factories. 4.this shop (sell) different things. 5.meat ) here.

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area -   площадь

bin -   бункер

clean up - убирать

gas -   газ

harmful - вредный

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i think in kazahstan will be children was stronger and healthy.te air will a clean.the people use a computer`s preogramm.

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1. we are reading an interesting book at this moment.

2. she is listening to the music in her room now.

3. he is working in the garden with his son now.

4. they are discussing a new film now.

5. i am eating mango now.

6. it is playing with kittens now.

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1)are spoken если вопрос то do we always use если нет : use 3) are used sells is sold

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