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Составь текст как я проведу свои летним каникулы 10 предложений. на .

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1.was able to

2.was able to

3.could-could not



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1) чашка кофе  - a cup of coffee;

2) коробка конфет - a box of sweets, a box of chocolates;

3) стакан молока - a glass of milk;

4) пакет конфет - a bag of sweets, a packet of sweets;

5) бутылка сока - a bottle of juice;

6) кусочек торта - a piece of cake.

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ответ: my family is very friendly. it consists of five people: me, mom, dad, sister, and brother. my mother's name is elena. she does all the homework: she cleans, cooks, does the dishes, washes, and water the flowers. my father's name is roman. he is very hardworking and helps his mother in everything. my sister's name is oksana. she is three years older than me. sister helps mom with household chores, and me with homework. i am very grateful to her for this. i have a younger brother too. his name is seryozha. he loves to play computer games. but mom always makes sure that he does not sit at the computer for a long time. our family is complemented by a rex labrador dog. i always take her out for a walk. i really like my big and friendly family. i think she is the best in the world.


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i spend my summer holidays very well. i relaxed and bathed in a cold swimming pool in the village. also i rode my bike with my friends. all the time we were on the open air. but sometime it was raining. and i sat and played computer games. so my summer holidays were amazing!


  я провел лето отлично. все лето я отдыхал на даче и купался в холодном бассейне. также я кататлся на велосипеде с моими друзьями. и вообщем были на воздухе. но иногда шел дождь и я сидел в комнате и играл в компьютер. вообщем лето я провел замечательно.

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here came the summer holidays. now you can take a break from school, gain strength. to spend the summer vacation well, you need to plan ahead. summer holidays last for three months, so much can be done. during the summer vacation the most important thing is not to sit at home, because the summer heat is the time of year when it's warm and sunny. many go on vacation together with their parents to the south, someone goes to the village to his grandparents, and someone will travel to summer camp.

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