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1choose the right answer. 1.1 get up very early every day. i live near the school, a) mustn't b) don't have to c) won't have to 2. my mother is school teacher. a) a b) the c) — (nothing) 3. look at the man is standing in the corner. a) who b) which c) where 4. we need tomatoes. i'm going to the shop, a) some b) any c) few 5. he is very popular and has friends. a) many b) much c) a lot of 6. everybody in our class english. a) like b) likes c) will like 7. my parents don't know about star wars. a) nothing b) everything c) anything 8. kate has a problem. let talk to me about it. a) her b) him c) me 9. last year our family to the sea. a) went b) go c) is going 10. who you do your homework yesterday? a) helps b) helped c) help 2 choose the correct reaction. 1. pete likes ice cream. a) me too. b) i like ice cream. c) i too. 2. i'm very pleased to meet you. a) it's very nice. b) pleased to me you too. c) very good. 3. hello! can i speak to alice? a) yes, you can. b) it's me. c) speaking. 4. how will i recognize your friend? a) who does he look like? b) what does he look like? c) what does he like? 5. we are lost! let's ask the way. a) where is charing cross? b) excuse me, could you tell me, where charing cross is? c) i need charing cross. 6. i think this film is very interesting. a) i don't agree with you. b) no, it isn't. c) this film is not interesting. 7. let's make a big cake. a) let's do it. b) it's a good idea. c) me too.

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Ihave very good friends. with them a lot of fun, they can help you in any trouble. they are very friendly.дальше не знаю
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i have got  your letter! i was glad to hear from you again! thankyou for your invitation. but i am compelled to upset you, i can't go with you to the concert because of my parents who are going  to the cinema at the same time and i have to stay with my little brother. next week i wiil be free and we will be able go to another concert. thanks for understanding!  




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i am a pupil of the ? form. the pupils of our school learn english. i have my english ? times a week.  i take my english textbook, vokabulary and exercise-book and go to my eng. lesson.  during the lesson we speak english a lot, but we also read texts from our textbooks, ask each other questions and speak out on what we have heard. during the lesson we also write on the blackboard, learn grammar rules and do exercises. 

i like my eng. lessons very much and come to them with joy!


я ученик(ца) ? класса.уроки . языка у меня ? раз в неделю. я беру учебник, словарь, тетрадь и иду на урок . языка. во время урока мы много разговариваем на , но мы также читаем тексты из учебника, задаём друг другу вопросы и обсуждаем услышанное. также во время урока мы пишем на доске, учим грамматические правила и делаем .

мне нравятся уроки языка и я с радостью хожу на них.


ну вот как-то

если хотите что-то добавить - пишите - переведу.

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1b 2 b 3a 4b 5a 6 c7 b 8 b9 b 10 a точно не уверена но вроде так

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