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The terrible news yesterday(snocked, was shocked) mr. the uneversity sinse 1989 (has been teaching, has been taught) not much__about the accident sinse that time(has said, has been said) a new book__by that company next year(will publish, will be published) he__ the girls name now(remembers, is remembered)

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1.you are a highly qualited engineer _ ?   c)aren't you     2.there are _ computers next to manager's desk c)-       earth is round,we all know that b)the
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1. какой твой любимый предмет в школе?

ответ: my favorite subject is любимый предмет

2.какой твой любимый учитель в школе. почему?

ответ: my favorite teacher is (имя учителя). becouse is (потому что он или

3.в какое время ты обычно кушаешь в школе?

ответ: at school i usually eat at (время) o'clock.

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the children look after the animals and plants.

kirk cleans the puppies.

sam washes the cage.

mel waters the   flowers.

grace feeds the hamster and the turtle.

tom walks with the dog. 




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1. was snocked 

2. has been teaching 

3. has been said

4.will be published

5. remembers 

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shocked__by the terrible news yesterday(snocked,was shocked)mr.greenas been teaching at the uneversity sinse 1989 (has been teaching,has been taught)not muchsaidabout the accident sinse that time(has said,has been said)a new bookwill be published by that company next year(will publish,will be published)he remembers  the girls name now(remembers,is remembered)

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