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1.complete the check questions 1.brazilians speak 2.a lot of people have climbed 3.артём is not by eat & 4.englesh people donot eat a lot of 5.the journey from london to париж by train doesnot take two 1.the secretary__to her new boss yesterday(introdudced, was introdudced) 2.our plan__by the members of the committee(is being considered, is considered) 3. for the accedent(was holding, was held) 4.a prize__to whoever solves this equation(will be giving? will be givinen 5.when the manager arrived, the already been solved, had already solved)

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Who  wears white coats in winter? do all rabbits wear white coats in winter? what coats do all rabbits wear in winter? when do all rabbits wear white coats?
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it was great at the circus

i  didn"t    like crocodiles

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я люблю лето, но холодная погода тоже весёлая, и я люблю её больше. это классно делать снеговиков, и играть в хоккей. у нас во дворе есть большой склон, и мы там катаемся на санках и на коньках

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1. aren't they?

2. aren't they?

3. is he?

4. do they?

5. does it?


1. was introduced

2. is beeing considered

3. was holding

4. will bi given

5. had already been solved

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