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Задайте,,вопросы к предложениям: 1)every educated person has a home library and his favourite book. 2) many boys and girls take musical classes where they learn to sing or to play different musical instruments. 3)millions of people like to watch tv in their spare time. 4) when dickens was only twelve years old, he went to work in a factory. 5) the library has more than six million books that occupy more than 80 miles of shelves. 6) to this day an english family prefers a house with a garden to a flat in a modern house with central heating. 7) everyone can attend public comprehensive school where they study basic subjects such as maths, science, physics, languages, history and physical education. 8) at the age of 23 shakespeare went to london to seek his fortune in a company of actors.

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Baobab - a kind of tree.  baobab - one of the thickest tree in the world.  the average circumference of the barrel in the baobab is 9-10 meters, with the height of the tree is in the range of 18-25 meters and the diameter of the crown reaches 40.from october to december baobab blossoms.  flowers in the baobab large, white with five petals.  they are disclosed in the late afternoon and last only one night.  in the morning the flowers wither, acquiring an unpleasant putrid odor, and fall off.following the developing fetus, which resemble cucumbers coated with a thick hairy skin.  inside the fruit are filled with pulp with black seeds.  the fruits are edible.because of addiction to them baobab monkey called "monkey bread tree."the average life expectancy of baobab "only" 1,000 years.local residents have been used almost every part of the baobab.  from its rough bark produce fiber for the manufacture of fishing nets, ropes and fabrics.  from the ashes of the bark of baobab are quite effective medicine against colds, fevers, dysentery, heart disease, asthma, toothache, insect bites.young leaves are added to salads, used as dry spices.  young shoots are boiled like asparagus.flower dust used to make glue.baobab - a treat for elephants.  african giants eat them almost entirely, not just the leaves and branches, and trunk. the oldest baobab 6,000 years    
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1)dad is angry. sister-yes,he has lost his mobile. это

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millions of people are fond of watching.  there are many different tv programmes, shows, soups, interesting films,  advertisements, news, plays to watch.

my parents spend a lot of time watching everything. of course, sometimes they show something interesting but not very often.   if somewhere something important or dangerous takes place journalists will report these events on tv, but their endless soups are awful.

other people say that television is becoming a national disease. i agree with them. 

lots of my friends are fond of watching but i have to confess, i hate tv programmes. i think it's waste of time. and i think that they damage their eyes, become lazy, put on their weight and have no time to do sports or to read books. 

i prefer doing sports, playing games in the open air and taking part in different sport competitions.


миллионы людей любят смотреть телевизор. есть много различных телевизионных программ, шоу, сериалов, интересных фильмов, рекламных роликов, новостей, пьес, которые можно посмотреть по телевизору. мои родители проводят много времени, смотря все подряд. конечно, иногда по телевизору показывают что-то интересное, но не часто. если где-то что-то важное или опасное происходит, журналисты сообщат об этих событиях по телевидению, но их бесконечные сериалы - это ужасно. другие люди говорят, что телевидение становится национальной болезнью. я с ними согласен. многие мои друзья любят смотреть телевизор, но я должен признаться, я ненавижу телевизионные программы. я думаю, что это пустая трата времени. и я думаю, что они портят зрение, становятся ленивыми, увеличивают свой вес и не имеют времени, чтобы заниматься спортом или читать книги. я предпочитаю заниматься спортом, играть в игры на открытом воздухе и принимать участие в различных спортивных соревнованиях.


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1)  what has every educated person?

2) what do boys and girls do at the musical classes they take?

3) what do millions of people like to do in their spare time?

4) how old was dickens, when he went to work in a factory?

5) how much books has the library and how much miles of shelves do books occupy?

6) what does an english family prefer nowdays?

7) what school can everyone attend, where they study basic subjects? what subject can they study?

8) why did shakespeare go to london, when he was 23?


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