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Переведите на : это не дикое животное, а . ты уже пригласил гостей на свой день рождения? я уже вымыла посуду и вынесла мусор. мои родители только что пришли домой. заранее : з

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how i spent summer. summer is a very eventful moment in life. therefore, all people spend it very interestingly. when summer came, i was very pleased with him. in the summer, i played football with my friends. and often rode a bicycle. running, having fun, jumping. the summer was very busy. and i spent it very well. (может где то есть маленькие ошибочки)

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1.my brother always gets up very early.

2. they are now sitting and waiting for the doctor.

3.children are now writing a report and drawing up a plan.

4.this man always wears glasses, and today the weather is sunny, now he wears sunglasses.

5. listen! this girl sings beautifully.

6. they usually go to the stadium on sundays.

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Все изи) s=100 м v=72км/ч=20м/с t=100/20=5с ответ: 5 секунд
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that is not wild animal that is domestic.did you invite guests on your birthday? i already washed the dishes and took out the garbage.my parents just came home. 

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this is not a wild animal and pet. you have already invited the guests to your birthday? i have already washed the dishes and made garbage. my parents have just come home.

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