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My friend. текст на 12-15 предложений

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1. many people are afraid  of spiders.

2. my friend ali is really good at english.

3. but he's very bad at maths.

4. i am really interested in nature programmes on tv.

5. my brother is keen on collecting stamps.

6. i'm very proud of improving my english.

7. i'm worried about global warming and the environment.

8. this table is next to the window.

9. the box is under the table.

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1.my favourite day at school was when i have an exellent mark

2.my exciting day at school was when my teacher  did  compliment for me

3.my wounderful day at school was when mu guy kissed me

идей больше нет!

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  gold was discovered in california in 1848 by someone.

the discovery of gold  was made  in california in 1848.

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на инглише: my friends are the best. they are very funny, cute, funny, beautiful. i really like them to walk, play, chat. they will come to the rescue when i feel bad. they always remember me, you can share with them anything. they may laugh when you do not have fun. they are the best in the world! i do not want to lose them! they are the best!



перевод: мои друзья самые лучшие. они веселые, милые, смешные, красивые. мне с ними нравится гулять, играть, общаться. они придут на , когда мне плохо. они всегда помнят обо мне, с ними можно делиться чем угодно. они могут рассмешить, когда не весело. они самые лучшие на свете! я не хочу их терять! они лучшие!

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