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Подобрать верный вариант ответа. заранее ! 1)make sure you wear a hat when you're out in the weather. a. steaming b. boiting c. baking 2)we __ for three hours before we decided to take a break. a. must be trekking b. had been trekking c. have been trekking 3)a good way to __ a problem is to think about it calmly and carefully. a. win b. beat c. gain 4)sue wanted to change the appearance of her living room, so she by a professional interior designer a. decorated it b. had it decorated c. had decorated it 5)neither annabel __ sue has ever flown in a plane a. or b. and c. nor

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джейн и джим сейчас у бабушки в деревне.они любят делать зарядку по-утрам.свиньи тоже бегают вокруг двора.свиньи тоже прыгают через бревно.как же им весело!

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1) the room is  being cleaned by a chambermaid2) where is a bell-boy?   a bell-boy is being looked  for  by us.3)shirts  are being washed by  the laundress now.4)  a tv set is  being repaired by a hotel clerk at this moment.5) the room  is being vacated  by then  now.6)  the hotel manager is being waited for by me

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did you find it?

did your friend give to you it?

where did you get it?

what is it?

where do you keep ido you like it?  

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