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Как читается это слово : neighbours

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1. i would have got 'five' if had written the test well.

2/ which team is better: dinamo or spartak?

3. ann said that the newspaper had been read the whole evening.

4. what did he get for his birthday?

5. if you had come on time you would have been given some time to prepare.

6. i ask you not to object.

7. i live further/farther from the school than you.

8. russian is the most important subject at school.

9. i think they will come next wek.

10. we want you to come at the beginning of the lesson.

11. he asked to return him the book tomorrow.

12. if i pass the exam successfully, i will go on holiday.

13. they say all the schoolleavers entered university.

14. it seems the weather is changing.

15/ it is known he won't be invited to the party.

16. i will be able to help you only tomorrow.


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zoo is the one of the most exciting entertainment  on the earth.i find it kind of interesting because i am interested in animals and like nature.as i live in the city i cannot see a lot of rare animals anywhere but at zoo.i'm sorry for animals as they lost their freedom,everyone has a right to live free life and animals should live in wild life but what to do to ill animals? zoo is their chance to be alive and have wonderful life.they are in cage but the are loved.they are in cage but they have a lot of conditions like real ones.i can understand greenpeace but i want to give a chance to people to learn more about nature and one more chance to live for weak animals.

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1) tom can't sing.

2) his pen isn't long.

3) jess hasn't got a big cockerel.

4) a fox isn't black.  


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[ˈneɪbə] -читается нэйбэ

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нейборз. именно так читается


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