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Написать монолог на .языке 'как я купила '

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i think in kazahstan will be children was stronger and healthy.te air will a clean.the people use a computer`s preogramm.

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nick is walking to school

mrs young is walking to food shop.


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2.they have been living in edinburg for two years

3. he has been waiting for mary more than an hour.

4. they have benn sitting in the garden since dinner time

5. he has been playing tennis since 10 a.m.

6. i have benn learning spanish for 5 years.

7. he has been working for the same company since he left school.

во всех случаях на present perfect continuos указывает промежуток времени и предлоги for, since.

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hello madam!

can i help you?

i would like to try a t-shirt and jeans?

what colour?


any problem,madam?

i'd like a smaller size!

does it suit me?

it looks good.

how much are the jeans and the t-shirt?

25 pounds.

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