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Скажите что это не так 1-they can play баскетбол баскетбол 2-kate has got a brother brother 3-we go home 4-she gets a lot of letters letters 5-they must read the letter the letter ,)

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1 amy isn't eleven. she's twelve.

2 a: are you from wales?

  b: yes, i am.

3   we aren't sisters. we're friends.

4 a: are they italian?

  b: no, they aren't.​


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  i have not training lessons every day. 

  bobby is not in the library. he is translating the article.

  a coach has not a great responsibility.

i am not waiting for my sister.

they were not playing tennis all day long.

he will be not happy to see you.

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1-they can't play basketball.

  2-kate hasn't got a brother.

3-we don't go home.

  4-she doesn't get a lot of letters.

5-they mustn't   read the letter

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They can't play basketball kate has not got a brother we do not go home she does not get a lit of letters they must nor read the letter

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