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Напишите вопросы с was или were 1)where\the children\at five o`clock что подходит(это диалог) 1alice 2)sonia 1)my favourithouse was\were our once\first house. 2) wha tdoes\was it like? 1)not very big but it wasn`t\wqas lovely. 2) where was the\a house? 1) it was near\next the beach. in\on july and august my friends and i was\were on the beachevery weekend. 2)who\how old was\were you? 1)i was\were fifteen. 2) where is your new house? 1)in the town center. there is\are nice shops and cafes but i not\don`t go to they\them very often. 2)where do you like going\go? 1)to the beach - it`s lovely and quiet there.

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she - ann, helen, mum (одушевленные существительные в единственном числе женского рода);

he - bob, nick, ben, dad (одушевленные существительные в единственном числе мужского рода);

it - duck, tennis, clock, stick, box (неодушевленные существительные в единственном числе любого рода);

they - pets, pens,dogs (существительные во множественном числе).

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jane's pet is grey and very fluffy (ее питомец серый и пушистый)

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1. has been working (3)

2. has been drinkig (1)

3. have be drawing (3)


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1)where were the children   at five o`clock?


1)my favourit house was our first house.

2) what was it like?

1)not very big but it was lovely.

2) where was the house?

1) it was near   the beach. in july and august my friends and i were on the beachevery


2)how old were you?

1)i was fifteen.

2) where is your new house?

1)in the town center.there are nice shops and cafes but i don`t go to them very often.

2)where do you like go?

1)to the beach - it`s lovely and quiet there.





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