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Как будут слова в паст симпл go, meet.

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1. "are touched upon"

2. "has not been achieved"

3. "are determined"

4. "were represented"

5. "will be provided"

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1)  after  giving the  contract  to lease  re-enters the  ownership of  the leasedequipment.2)  we will be able  to pack  the cargo,  if they are  marked all  its dimensions: length.width and height.3)  this authority  is valid only  for two days.4)  the weight of each  container -  two tons.

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1.children don*t have to  attend school on saturday

2.children mustn*t  go on ice  across the river in early spring

3.waiters don*t have to discuss these problems with guests.

4.waiters mustn*t speak to the clients in such an impolite manner

5.nurses don*t have to    teach children to read and  count

  6.nurses mustn*t  ignore children

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Не вроде, а точно go - went - gone meet - met - met

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