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Вставить пропущенное слово(а): 1. john needs help with the project. he can' t do it on 2. there are a lot of activities составить диалог: а: b: it starts at 3 pm. заранее !

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1. they can not do this work themselves

2. you may take  my dictionary.

3. you don't look well, you should consult the  doctor.

4. why would i give you my money?

5. she can not  speak any foreign language.

6. he ought to help them, they  need his help.

7. can you tell me the time?

8. may i go with  you? no, you may not.

9. your daughter needn't  have told about it. 

10. in winter we can often skate.

11. you must not miss your  classes.

12. could you play the piano before?

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my favorite movie is fast and furious. this movie is very cool! my favorite character from this movie is vin diesel. he worked very well in this film! now there are many parts of this movie: fast and furious 1, fast and furious 2 and so to 8! in fact, i really liked this movie, every part! and i think i remember him for life!

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моё любимое путешествие когда мы со всей семьёй ходили в парк.мне понравилось! я была рад этому путешевствию! ещё мы ели там сладкую вату и поп-корн! я люблю сладенькое! но много мне его нельзяю а жаль..:

  my favorite trip when we are with the entire family went to the парк.мне liked it! i was very glad of it путешевствию! we ate there the sweet cotton wool and pop-corn! i love sweet! but for me its not. but sorry..

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1.without plan a.l want to go to the football matcn

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