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Напишите небольшое рассказ. exciting moment in school (ответить в нем на вопросы: что случилось? как ты себя чувствовал? )

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1. journey

2. city

3. a lot

4. weather

5. cloud

6. happy

7. boring to him

8. to stop my journey

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все кроме 1 2 3 и 7. насколько я знаю

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Исправить ошибки.
1. he swims every morning.
2. i am having dinner now.
3. mark walks to school every day.
4. kate likes pizza.
5.the sun rises in the east.
6. susan and jo live in new york.
7. we need some sugar.
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Yesterday we should have two final test, one of them was in chemistry. i hate it, i don't understand the purpose of learning it. i expected this test not to be, i had butterflies in my stomach (если что - это идиома), i couldn't concentrate. thanks god the lesson was delayed - the teacher had got ill. it was a narrow escape! удачи, бро! : )

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