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The first person who wrote limericks was a) edward lear b) john hawkshaw c) napoleon

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sectors of economy

there are three main sectors in any1 economy: the primary sector, the secondary sector, and the tertiary sector.

the primary sector of economy includes industries that get goods from nature, such as agriculture and mining. there are two main branches in agriculture: crop and animal farming. mining partially belongs to the secondary sector as mineral resources need industrial processing. forestry, fishing, and beekeeping also belong to this sector.

manufacturing industries which produce goods bv means of mechanical, electrical or chemical, but not manual, processing of resources belong to the secondary sector. people who do not produce goods but provide different services for plants and factories work for the secondary sector, for example plant and factory managers. the sector also includes companies that provide fuel, energy, and transport for manufacturing.

the tertiary sector provides different services to consumers. such as trade, transport, banking, insurance and other public services. teachers, doctors, tourist agents, drivers, lawyers, etc2 work in the tertiary sector.

there are countries which are rich in land. they can use land intensively and produce agricultural products and minerals. manufacturing plays an important role in the world economy, but there is a tendency for the growth of the service sector in many economies, especially in industrialized countries.

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1. what are the sectors of an economy?

2. what industries does the primary sector include?

3. why does mining partially belong to the secondary sector?

4. how do manufacturing industries produce goods?

5. do any services belong to the secondary sector?

6. what does the tertiary sector include?

7. what countries produce agricultural products and


8. which sector grows in industrialized countries?

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