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На носу годовая по 6 класс. кто нибудь вспомните что было у вас в прошлом году семиклассники и трудно ли было? учительница сказала что первое на аудирование, второе на прочтение текста и тест по нему, а тратье - это на времена. кто чем сможет : )

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1)while i was waiting for him to call up, he was having a good time in the bar.

2) she was writing this exercise yesterday at 8 o'clock.

3) he invited me to the party yesterday.

4) i have passed my exam in history today.

5) he read a book two days ago.

6)they saw this film last week.

7) she was painting the picture when i came.

8)i was makingmy report when you entered the ball.

9) they were learning the new words yesterday from three till seven.

10)it has rained this week.

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hello, everyone! it's bobo cullen, your radio dj for tonight here live at the spring birds imitating show. and, we're all ready for the starling sound-alike contest. and if you think you can say that just like me here, you could win 100 dollars for the cool weekend ahead. what's on your mind today? tonight we're also gonna dicuss the tragical events in japan. nikita mihalkov responded to the multiple auditory about those as divine people's punishment for their atheism godlessness. the large amounts  of people, russians particularly, are claiming mihalkov with condemnation for his cynicism and hypocrisy.

okay, we have rose, from moscow, on the phone.

welcome, rose, can i take your order?


- oh, yes, please. hello, bobo! i'm calling to subscribe to an opinion of the masses. what a hypocritical dastard!

- ok, rose, we got your point of view. thank you for your call.

and, now, we're gonna be away for the short 6-min commercials. i'll be in a few minutes. don't leave us! your bobo!

кликни для меня "лучшее решение", если несложно.

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Не так уж и трудно,средне)
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Уменя школа специализирована на . у нас были ну не сложные , правда аудирование может быть мудреным и с временами надо подумать. удачи тебе! )

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