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last autumn i went to my granny. she lives in a small village. there are not many houses in it. and my granny lives far from the centre.

one day i went to the shop in the centre of the village to buy some bread. suddenly it began raining. it was raining cats and dogs!

fortunately, i had an umbrella. and i went home. but the road became very muddy. there were a lot of puddles on it. and when i returned home i was very wet and muddy.

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Нет, не правильно . попробуй снова
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mike- hi,victor!

victor-hi, how are you?

mike-- i am fine,thanks. do you want to go to the skating - rink?

victor-i*d love to but i can*t.


victor-i*m not well. i am ill. i* ve caught a cold and have a high temperature

mike--oh i am sorry.i*d love to go to there with you.

victor-so do i.

mike--don*t worry.see you soon.get well!

victor- bye.

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с данными словами только можно по моему так составить вопрос.is мary the little mouse?


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