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Choose the correct article. 1. are -/ the tigers stronger then -/ the lions? 2.who invented -/ the computer. 3. he usually has -/ the milk for breakfast. 4, are -/ the americans as friendly as -/ russians?

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my favorite movie is fast and furious. this movie is very cool! my favorite character from this movie is vin diesel. he worked very well in this film! now there are many parts of this movie: fast and furious 1, fast and furious 2 and so to 8! in fact, i really liked this movie, every part! and i think i remember him for life!

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1. why is he always laught at?

2. who was sent for the doctor?

3, the letters have    been already  posted, haven*t they?

4. whom was america discovered by?

5,will the exam be passed next week?

6. the money had been paid before the car was delivered

7. he called when the letter was being dictated.

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1 where's bob? in the park.hу is   playing with his friends 2 what is she doing? she is watching tv? 3 where are they going ? to the supermarket. are you going with them? 4 tim is not working at present ? really? is hу looking for a job?

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