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Вы хотите быть другом или эвелин rosy почему? что за люди rosy и эвелин 4-6 предложений do you want to be a friend of evelyn or rosy? why? what kind of people are rosy and evelyn 4-6 sentences ,! надо

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i тип условно- придаточных предложений:

1. if i do my homework i'll go for a walk with my friends.

2. if she doesn't cook dinner, her children will be hungry.

3. when they write the dictation they will have a rest.

4. if i finish my school year excellently my parents will give me a present.

5. if the sun shines he will not take the umbrella.

ii тип условно- придаточных предложений:

1. if i didn't read this book my techer would give me a bad mark.

2. if he came to see me i would show him my collection of coins.

3. if they came in time they would not miss the train.

4. if the weather was fine i would go to the beach.

5. if i were you i wouldn't do that.

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did they go out last night?

can you help me?

when is peter going on holiday?

i went to the cinema last night.

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she worked very hard although boss didn't give hermuch encouragement. 

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i want to be a friend to evelyn. because she is kind and cheerful, helpful and smart girl. rosie is   very talented and  charismatic. sometimes she's can be rude and gloomy, for example with her parents and friends. evelyn is full of happiness and she always help her friends and classmates. but sometimes she can be annoying.

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