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Как по- будет (только без гугл транслейтов итд плс): не важно, твоя это комната или нет, ты должен держать ее в чистоте.

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я вижу тут котика, мяв (´・ω・)


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  duck, sing, a, can,t. - a duck can't sing.

  dogs, run,can? - can dogs run?

  isn,t, ann,s, black, cat. -    ann,s cat isn't black.

a, funny, she, rabbit, got, has. - she has got a funny rabbit.

  his, clock, is, big? - is his clock big?

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we live in a 5 storeys house in the centre of the town. we live on the third floor.our flat has 3 rooms^ a living room. a bedroom- my parents*room and my room. of course. we have a kitchen. a bathroom. a lavatory (toilet) and a  big balcony. the living room is the biggest room in our flat.it is very light and nice. there is a comfortable sofa and 2 arm- chairs here. besides there is a little tea table and a stand lamp here. the carpet and the curtains are orange. the room looks very bright. in the corner near the wide window there is a wide screen tv set and home cinema centre. we like to spend our free time here together watching tv or singing karaoke

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it doesn't matter, is this room your or not, but you should keep it clean

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it doesn't matter, is it room your or isn't, you have to keep it clean.

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