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Составить предложение из этих слов. 1)do, wash, your, hands, you, and, face? 2)do, when, have, you, breakfast? 3)do, you, do, whenyour, homework? 4)you, do, walk, park, the, in? 5)you, do, when, go, bed, to?

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1. he lives in pushkin street.

2. they stayed in st. petersburg for five days.

3. we saw a lot of well-known pictures in this museum.

4. my father works from morning till late evening.

5. ann has never been to the tower of london before.

6. could you tell me how to get to westminister abbey?

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1at 2 at 3 in 4 of 5 to 6 with 7 of 8 between 9 with
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я хочу рассказать вам о мишке теди. обычно их дарят на день святиго валентина. название "мишка теди" произошло от имени теодор рузвельт. это президент сша. музей мишки теди находится в . он был открыт в 1984. в токио есть такие же игрушки. теди-это прозвище теодора рузвильта. я люблю эту игрушку!

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1) do you wash your hands and face? 2) when do you have breakfast? 3) when you do your homework? 4) do you walk in the park? 5) when do you go to bed?
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1) do you wash your hands and face. 2) when do you have breakfast. 3)when do you do your homework. 4)do you walk in the park. 5)when do you go to bed.

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