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Составить предложение из этих слов. 1)do, wash, your, hands, you, and, face? 2)do, when, have, you, breakfast? 3)do, you, do, whenyour, homework? 4)you, do, walk, park, the, in? 5)you, do, when, go, bed, to?

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pack of cigarettesa day -about 500x-rayirradiationfor the year! temperatureof 700-900degreessmoldering cigarette! smoker's lungswith the experience -black,rottingmass.afterinhalingnicotine enters thebrainin 7seconds.nicotinecauses spasmof vessels,fromheremalnutritionoxygen to tissues.spasmof small vesselsmakes the skinaging.the hazards of smokingin the factthatthere isbad breath, yellowteeth,inflamedthroat,eyesturn redfrom theconstant irritationof smoke.

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1) was

2 are

3 is

4 was

5 was

6 is

7 are

2 :

1 was stolen

2 was called

3 is used

4 was wtitten. was translated

5 are washed

6 was invented

7 is spoken much

8 weren't allowed 

9 was made

10 were informed

3 :

1 the novel was written by  d.defoe    at the age of sixty. 

2 mikeand his younger sister   was  brought up by  grandparents.

3 moskow is visited by  millions of people.

4  st.pauls cathedral was  designed by  sir christopher wren.

5 we were invited    to a party.

6  this original exhibition was  organized by  a group of artists.

7  new year is celebrated  in april.

8    the game was won by  our team.

9  english is spoken in the usa by  most people .

10  computers are used by  0all students in our class.

все, надеюсь понятно что я написала


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2. is.--- no,she isn't

3. are--- no,they aren't

4. are--- no,they aren't

5. is--- no,he isn't

6. are--- yes,they are

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1) do you wash your hands and face? 2) when do you have breakfast? 3) when you do your homework? 4) do you walk in the park? 5) when do you go to bed?
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1) do you wash your hands and face. 2) when do you have breakfast. 3)when do you do your homework. 4)do you walk in the park. 5)when do you go to bed.

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