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Lost of people have to travel a lot because of their job. some of them don't enjoy it at all. write your recommendations to such travellers. текст! how to combine business and pleasure when you travel. whatever place you go to and however difficult and stressful your journey is, try to focus on the positive things. think how you can benefit from your trip. for instance, if you have to go to some distant place with severe climate, и

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открытый слог - это слог, который заканчивается на гласную

закрытый слог - оканчивается на одну или несколько согласных (кроме r)

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twice happy is the man who has a hobby, for he has two worlds to live in

the proveb says: all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. all people should work in order to make their living, but they also need some rest. all jobs have one common feature: people are doing the same things for a long period of time and sooner or later they get tired of their work. the routine of everyday life bores people, no matter what king of work they do and what king of activity they get in. in this situation, i think, any hobby is a wonderfull solution to make the life more colourfull. any activity that is undertaken for pleasure can be called hobby. for some people it’s reading, listening to the music, taking care of animals or driving a bicycle. hobby brings happines and enjoyment into our life, hepls us to relax and forget about problems. hobby allowes creativity in our actions and we feel great enjoyment from doing what we like to do. hobby allows us to express our feelings and dreams, to cheer up when feeling blue, to relax and to feel really happy.


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agency- агенство

brother- брат

cook - готовить


home - дом

right - правильный

mother- мама keys- ключи opportunity - возможность play - играть time- время xerox - ксерокс yellow - жёлтый  


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