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Друзья, уже раз меня прокатили - результата нет. отправляю повторно. если не знаете, не раскрой скобки. используй present perfect tense. 1 he’s in hospital now. he (break) his leg. 2 have we got a plaster in the house? i (cut) my hand. 3 mike’s in bed. he’s got a temperature. i think he (catch) a cold. 4 mummy, i (hurt) my foot. what should i do? — oh, dear, put something cold on it

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here already whole year i visit a circle of archeology and ethnography at the palace of children's and youthful creativity, therefore i have spent half of last summer on archaeological expedition. we lived in tents, cooked food on a fire and were engaged in the present scientific researches — dug out settlements of ancient scythians. therefore should be clear that any, even the smallest rain was perceived, more likely, as disaster, instead of pleasure. once during excavation we were found by the strongest downpour. in a moment it has filled with water all hollows, and children still tried to ship on a free stretcher свежевыкопанные trophies: bones, crocks, instruments of labor. when we have gathered, a rain припустил with such force that all has around turned white. we badly distinguished each other from distance of three meters and, certainly, were dripping wet. we needed to go to camp on a country road which размокла and has turned to a bog. wetted through, dirty, but not lost courage, we have reached camp. here and the sun has looked out, as if there was no rain. has warmed, припекло — and in some hours even a trace doesn't remain from pools and the streams, disturbing to us to reach native tents. only the clothes and the footwear which has been hung out on ropes, branches and the stakes hammered into the earth, reminded of incident. certainly, the adventure was not from pleasant, but with what pleasure and laughter we remembered it after! besides this case has appeared original check on our readiness, mutual assistance and the serious relation to work. and we have passed examination on excellent"!

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1) it was about 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon.


2) we are sitting in the cafe opposite the bank.


3) suddenly a motorcycle stopped outside the bank.


4) there were two men on the bike.


5) one of them got off and ran into the bank.


6) he was carrying a gum.


7) after a short time, he came out of the bank.


8) he carried a large bag.


9) he got back on the bike.


10) a few minutes later the police arrived.

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1)listen,ivan sings in neighboring room.

2)he doesn't see that i look at him as

he reads something with great interest

3)call him now,i thik he still doesn't


4)look at the person who sits by window

w.it's our lowyer.

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he's in hospital now. he has broken his leg.

've cut my hand.

think he's caught a cold.

mummy,i've hurt my foot.

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1 he’s in hospital now. he  has broken    his leg.

2 have we got a plaster in the house? i  have  cut  my hand.

3 mike’s in bed. he’s got a temperature. i think he  has caught    a cold.

4 mummy, i  have hurt  my foot. what should i do? — oh, dear, put something cold on it

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