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Устная тема хобби на 5 предложений (писать по ).

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no, i can't

has your dad

yes he have

yes he does

have you got a

yes i have

no, he doesn't

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1.my aunt is extremely found  of animals though sometimes she isn't  enough kind to her children!  

2.my uncle  looks after his horses carefully    but he doesn't keep them    here .

3.fortunately we  are going to visit  his farm in the countryside next week  .

4.tomorrow my cousins  are going to visit  him there (tomorrow)-возможно положение tomorrow  как в начале, так и в конце предложения)

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1)who will be the first people,that i took him to the london!

2)the land of britons is very godd,i have

3)when i took my sister at home,my brother appeared later!

4)the fifth  century were  just great!

5)i have afraided  wild and fearless people!

6) in  the southern part of the country is very hot.

7)years passed  without progress.

8)who  got  it  little by little  nuts

9)i was told that  a powerful state  is very  rich  and  evil 

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какое у тебя хобби? давай напишу

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