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He said, “stay in bed for a few days.” marry said, “i went to london with my sister.” my friend said, “i watch a lot of soap operas.” he asked, “will tom be here tomorrow? ” my mother asked,” did you clean the room yesterday? ” her teacher said, “i am not going to ask you.” the teacher asked, “how did the accident happen? ” my cousin said, “we are not interested in politics.” i asked, “didn`t you hear the bell? ” he said, “what did you tell the police? ” tom said, “new york is more lovely than london.” she said, “he turned out a good pianist.” “are you kidding? ”, she asked. she wrote, “put up at this hotel” i asked, “where are you living now? ”

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Туристы в лондоне всегда хотят посетить вестминстер и увидеть биг бен. они хотят посмотреть на часы на его башне и послушать колокола. это происходит каждый час. это большой колокол. он весит 13 720 кг. у него низкий звук и вы можете услышать его по радио: "это би-би-си. время - 6 часов." и потом вы слышите низкий звук 6 ударов колокола биг бена.это такой перевод сама училка писала
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1) i enjoy talking to clever peopl .

2) we can't begin to tell you how much missed you.

3) she hates borrowing money from.

4) she doesn't  mind to look after the children.

5 ) he forgot to call his friend in the morning.


1) this letter was received after his departure.

2) have you ever been atacked by the dogs?

3) chocolate and ice-cream are being sold by the man.

4) honey is gahered from flowers.

5) the piano was brought into the room.

6) steve has been told about this .

7) the ship is being driven against the rock by the storm.

8) you will be shown the way by the little boy.

9) pupils are taught many iseful things.

10) by whom was the circulation of blood discovered?

11) he was caught.

12) machines are moved by electricity.

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лишние тут только hen frog и fox

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he said to stay in bed for a few days. marry said she'd gone to london with her sister. my friend said she/he watched a lot of soap operas. he asked if tom would be there the following day. my mother asked if i had cleaned my room the previous day. her teacher said she/he was not going to ask her. the teacher asked how the accident had happened. my cousin said they weren't interested in politics. i asked if you had heard the bell. he asked what i had told the police. tom said new york was more lovely than london. she said he had turned out a good pianist. she asked if i was kidding. she wrote to put up at that hotel. i asked where you were living at the moment.

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