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Вкосвенную речь he said, “stay in bed for a few days.” marry said, “i went to london with my sister.” my friend said, “i watch a lot of soap operas.” he asked, “will tom be here tomorrow? ” my mother asked,” did you clean the room yesterday? ” her teacher said, “i am not going to ask you.” the teacher asked, “how did the accident happen? ” my cousin said, “we are not interested in politics.” i asked, “didn`t you hear the bell? ” he said, “what did you tell the police? ” tom said, “new york is more lovely than london.” she said, “he turned out a good pianist.” “are you kidding? ”, she asked. she wrote, “put up at this hotel” i asked, “where are you living now? ”

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1. does she always come late to class? - всегда ли она опаздывает в класс?

      she never comes late to class. - она никогда не опаздывает в класс

2. do you understand everything that he says? - ты понимаешь всё, что он говорит?

      i can't understand everything that he says.  - я  не могу понимать  всё, что он говорит

3. is the office door open? - открыта ли офисная дверь?

      the office door is closed. офисная дверь закрыта

4.  were there any passengers  in the compartment? - были ли пасажиры в купе?

      there were no passengers in the compartment. - в купе не было пасажиров

5. would the lesson be over by 12 o'clock? - закончится ли занятие к 12 часам?

      the lesson won't be over by 12 o'clock. - к 12 часам занятие не закончится

6. shall we take the children to the park? - возьмём ли мы детей в парк?

      we shall not take the chilren to the park. мы не возьмём детей в парк

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1) missed

2) hated

3) doesn't wash

4) is explaining

5) didn't discuss

6) have finished (если проходили презент перфект,если нет, то просто finished)

7) gets on

8) make

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1. am packing

2. does pack

3. don't save up

4. are, saving up

5. am meeting

6. meet

7. are looking 

8. lost, looked

9. are, doing, am waiting

10. cries, waits 

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1he asked me to stay in bed for a few days. 2 marry said that she had gone to london with her sister. 3 my friend said that she watched a lot of soap operas. 4 he asked if tom would be there the next day. 5 my mother asked me if i had cleaned the room the previous day. 6 her teacher said that he was not going to ask her. 7 the teacher asked them how the accident had happened. 8 my cousin said that they were not interested in politics. 9 i asked him if he hadn't heard the bell. 10 he asked me what i had told the police. 11 tom said that new york was more lovely than london. 12 she said that he had turned out a good pianist. 13 she wondered if i was kidding. 14 she wrote to put up at this hotel 15 i wondered where you were living then.

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