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Писать 5 -6 предложение про питера пена по

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предположите, что вы собираетесь иметь вечеринку по случаю дня рождения. напишите письменное приглашение своему другу.

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1) i liked going to school until this year.

2) i liked this guy, but he turned out to be an strange

3) bill is a player on the victory team

4) he went to this movie, so we won’t go there

5) pat is a very strong player, so everyone wants to take him to every team.

6) i would go with you to the zoo, but i went there with katya 2 days ago.

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1.1)you're not writing a test now.

2)are you writing a test now?

3)yes you are/no you aren't.

2.1) a funny crocodile isn't eating a monkey

2)is funny crocodile eating a monkey?

yes it is/no it isn't.

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peter pan- the characterof several booksby j.barry.peter panis a boywho would notgrow up.

he metwith the fairies, and oneof themwas hisgirlfriend.

it is interesting caracter.i like to watchcartoons aboutpeter pan

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