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Зарание ! complete the sentences. use have to or has to + one of these verbs: do, read, speak, travel 0. my eyes are not very good. i have to wear glasses. 1. at the end of the cours, all the students a test. 2. mary is studying literature. she a lot of books. 3. he doesn't understand much england, so i very slowly to him. 4. george is not often at home. he has to a lot in his job.

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1.do,want, want(глаголы чувственного восприятия типо видеть слышать нюхать не употребляются в континиусе)


3.do, leave( хотя в этой ситуации было бы логичнее употребить past simple- when did you leave your house? )

4.do you do,do

5.are singing, are singing

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1) the room is  being cleaned by a chambermaid2) where is a bell-boy?   a bell-boy is being looked  for  by us.3)shirts  are being washed by  the laundress now.4)  a tv set is  being repaired by a hotel clerk at this moment.5) the room  is being vacated  by then  now.6)  the hotel manager is being waited for by me

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when you walk into a class there is a desk! how many children and partners! in our class there were 14 partners! they were dark in color! at the window stood a teacher's desk! at the door stood a bookcase! it was a lot of books!

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1 have to do

2 has to read

3 have to speak

4 has to travel

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