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Сочинение на темумое путешествиечто я тамделала(твір на тему моя подорож що я там робила)

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                                                  present perfect


1)действие, закончившееся в прошлом, но связанное с настоящим моментом через результат

пример: i can't walk - i have hurt my leg.

2)действие, которое началось в прошлом, длилось определенный период времени в прошлом и продолжается в настоящий момент речи (употребляется с глаголами, которые обычно не используются в continious (to be, to have, to know))

пример: how long have you known john?  

3)действие, которое началось в прошлом, продолжалось определенный момент и только что закончилось

пример: i have always wanted to visit london.

подсказки: already, just (но не just now), lately, recently, never, ever, yet, for, since 

                                            present perfect continious 


1)действие, которое началось в прошлом, длилось какое-то время в прошлом и продолжается в настоящий момент

пример: it has been snowing for 3 hours already.

2)процесс, который только что закончился и определенным образом связан с настоящей ситуацией, может ее объяснить.

пример: i have got a headache. i have been writing postcards since morning. 

подсказки: already, since 1456, since he came, during months, for a long time, for years

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Вы видите паука на картинке?
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my favorite movie is fast and furious. this movie is very cool! my favorite character from this movie is vin diesel. he worked very well in this film! now there are many parts of this movie: fast and furious 1, fast and furious 2 and so to 8! in fact, i really liked this movie, every part! and i think i remember him for life!

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one day my friends and i went to the woods to pick mushrooms and yagodami.kogda we came there, we saw a lot of colors: mouse goro, dandelions and many others, as mushrooms and berries we have not found, but then we saw that one mushroom hiding under the leaves of trees we ran to him, cut him, and near sneem saw little scratchy lump. it was a small hedgehog at first he was afraid, and then turned and ran back to our basket, we thought that he would like mushrooms, but then we realized that he was scared of us and ran to hide behind the basket, and then another, on and on, and izches i think that this story can be nazvatb "little trip" because i learned a lot and it can be said that has made friends with a young hedgehog.

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