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Complete the text with the words . use: big , black , kiss , wanted , best . martin got upearly in the morning . it was his tenth birthdday . "at eight o'clock my parents will come to my room and say "happy birthday! "they will and give me a shirt or a bag , martin thought . he really a funny little puppy or a cute kitten . but his parents were against pets . suddenly martin's mum and dad came in . "happy birthday ! "they said and gave him a bag . martin opened the bag . it was the day in martin's life!

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as  cool as a cucumber,as strong as a horse,as cool as a cucumber.,as deaf as a bat,as bling as a post,as clear as a crystal ,as sly as a fox,as slow as a tortoise,as sweet as a honey,as mad as a hare.

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1. использование нового оборудования позволило свести к минимуму число рабочих. 2. компьютеры контролируют почти все, что мы делаем в современной жизни. 3. мы использовали словари, когда мы писали тест в прошлый понедельник. 4. я никогда не забуду эту романтическую .

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a. he is having a bath

b. no, thanks. i don't eat ice-cream.

c. we can't play tennis because it is raining.

d. i don't understand what you are saying.

e. what are you doing tonight?  

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На первом пропуске будет big, а на втором best
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