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Напишите небольшое сочинение на по теме "environmental protection"

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1) tonight, i am going to party

2) i don't usually play football

3) my friends often smoke

4) right now, i am am doing my homework

5) next weekend i am playing table tennis with joe

6) i sometimes watch tv.

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the university of california and the state university of new york are two examples of such public schools.



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to speak english (7-a)

to enjoy holidays (6-b)

to stay in britain (1-c)

to see you again (5-g)

to miss friends (2-d)

to get an invitation ( 4-e)

to teach girls an boys (3-f)


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Environmental protection

some hundreds of years ago people lived in harmony with nature, because industry was not much developed. today, however, the contradictions between man and nature are dramatic.

the twenty first century is a century of the scientific and technological progress. the achievements of the mankind in mechanization and automation of industrial processes, in chemical industry and conquering outer space, in the creation of atomic power stations and ships are amazing. but at the same time, this progress gave birth to a very serious problem – the problem of environment.

ecology and the contamination of environment, is concerned with climate, over-population in certain areas, deaths of plant and animals, chemical contamination of seas, lakes and rivers as well as atomic experiments and dumping of atomic waste from power stations. floods, unexpected draughts, and the greenhouse effect are the next reasons.

there are many consequences of damaging the environment. one of them is acid rain. another one is water shortage resulting from abuse of arable lands in agriculture. the third one is destroying the ozone layer of the earth through pollution from factories and plants. the fourth problem is damage o water and soils. the fifth one is damage to wildlife: numerous species of animals and plants can disappear. at last, the most serious danger arising from damaging the environment is the result of the abovementioned consequences. this is the danger for the life and health of the man.

the protection of natural resources and wildlife is becoming a political programme in every country. numerous anti-pollution acts passed in different countries led to considerable improvements in environment. in many countries purifying systems for treatment of industrial waters have been installed, measures have been taken to protect rivers and seas from oil waters.

but the environmental problems have grown beyond the concern of a single country. their solution requires the co-operation of all nations.

if we are unable to learn to use the environment carefully and protect it from damage caused by man’s activities, very soon we’ll have no world to live in.

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