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Умоляю! кто-нибудь! на вас вся надежда, пишите только знающие! 3a past simple or past continuous? выбери глагол в правильной форме. when mr otis, the american minister, decided to buy canterville chase, everyone told him that it was a stupid thing to do. even lord canterville (1)thought / was thinking that a ghost lived in the house. he (2) told /was telling mr otis about it when they (3) had dinner / were having dinner. it happened many years ago. his grand-aunt (4) sat / was sitting on her bed when she saw two skeleton hands above her. after that she became very ill. but mr otis did not believe in ghosts and wanted to buy the house. a few weeks later he and his family (5)moved /was moving to canterville chase. 3d choose the right word / phrase. выбери правильное слово/фразу 1 no, sarah, we didn’t/ haven’t decided yet. 2 if you go to the beach, you should/must take a water bottle with you. 3 look. here’s the diary. on 22 april, we are going to plant/are planting trees. 4 look at the sign. we should/ must ride slowly here. 5 if tom comes first, are you going to talk/are you talking to him?

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1.if i lived in america, i would visit disneyland

2.if i am an artist, i will be very popular

3.if i were a president,  i* d change a lot of things in our country

4.if it were sunday today, i would  spend it with my friends

5.if i know english excellent, i *ll get a good job abroad

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But that is one way of looking at it.
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имя 3 важных изобретений и сказать все, что вы о них

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3.had dinner

4.was sitting





3. are going to plant


5.to talk


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