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Ireally have to go now. my plane (leave) at 10.30.

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это язык? ладно попробую

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[ae} bat, rat, glad, mad, crack, smash

[ai] pine, wine, light, wise, cry, life

[ i]his, peace, leaf, list

[i: ]he, relief, belief, we, bee

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1)while i was waiting for him to call up, he was having a good time in the bar.

2) she was writing this exercise yesterday at 8 o'clock.

3) he invited me to the party yesterday.

4) i have passed my exam in history today.

5) he read a book two days ago.

6)they saw this film last week.

7) she was painting the picture when i came.

8)i was makingmy report when you entered the ball.

9) they were learning the new words yesterday from three till seven.

10)it has rained this week.

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i really have to go now. my plane leaves at 10.30.

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