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)) write a 100-200-word letter to reply to the girl though the magazine. cathy, my friend's family doesn't have any money and her mum gets all her stuff from charity shops. she's so embarrassed and upset about it and although i feel sorry for her i don't know how i can help. please tell me what i can do.

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1. to live in conditions of a city

2. to solve the environmental problems

3. endanger lives

4. water pollution

5. air pollution

6. destruction of nature

7. the beauty of the rural landscape

8. lack of nature resources

9. potable water

10. use as a garbage dump

11. to test nuclear weapons

12. industrial and nuclear waste

13. contaminated by radiation fish

14. to leave a habitat

15. dispose of waste into the river

16. badly ruined the statue

17. nuclear power plants

17. to malfunction

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1)can (может)

2) may have to (может быть придется)

3)should have called (должен был заехать)

4) should have read( должен бфл прочитать)

5) who could it be ( кто это мог быть)

6)no need to worry (незачем волноваться)

7) could catch (можно было застать)

can laugh (могут посмеяться)

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1. there is a big window in my bedroom 2. there are no pantries in our house. 3. he shares a room with his friend 4. is there a lift in hobbit's hole? 5. have you got a room of your own?

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this is so unfortunate! i really do feel sorry for your mom's friend. do you have any money to lend her maybe? even if you don't, i assure you, there are some things she can do to help herself. first of all, why won't she try finding a job? i would suggest her such jobs as babysitter, cleaner and such. there are a lot of ways to find money nowadays so tell her to hold her chin up!  



если чего непонятно пишите, я переведу или перепишу то, что не понравилось))





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