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Умоляю! кто-нибудь! на вас вся пишите только знающие! 3a past simple or past continuous? выбери глагол в правильной форме. when mr otis, the american minister, decided to buy canterville chase, everyone told him that it was a stupid thing to do. even lord canterville (1)thought / was thinking that a ghost lived in the house. he (2) told /was telling mr otis about it when they (3) had dinner / were having dinner. it happened many years ago. his grand-aunt (4) sat / was sitting on her bed when she saw two skeleton hands above her. after that she became very ill. but mr otis did not believe in ghosts and wanted to buy the house. a few weeks later he and his family (5)moved /was moving to canterville chase. 3d choose the right word / phrase. выбери правильное слово/фразу 1 no, sarah, we didn’t/ haven’t decided yet. 2 if you go to the beach, you should/must take a water bottle with you. 3 look. here’s the diary. on 22 april, we are going to plant/are planting trees. 4 look at the sign. we should/ must ride slowly here. 5 if tom comes first, are you going to talk/are you talking to him

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is there anything you need?

  a shampoo,please.

  any special kind of shampoo?

  for all types of hair,please.

  anything else?

  a toothpaste,please.

  ok,i'll be back soon.

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the most popular entertainment in our home life is television. we have a choice between five channels ort, rtr and 3 commercial channels. there is also a cable tv station in our town. television plays an important role in our life. it informs people about current events both national and international, the latest achievements in science and culture, and offers some programs, which are both interesting and stimulating. every day we can see different tips of programs on tv. news is broadcast at regular intervals. they also present operas, ballets, music concerts and various shows. broadcast for schools are produced on five days of the week, during school hours. in the late afternoon and early evening tv channels showed special programs for children. in the evenings and at weekends there are broadcasts of sports events. a large time of tv evening’s time is occupied by films and serials, but as for me i like quizzes. a quizzes–program is a question and an answer competition which offers money and other prizes and to the winners. such programs as “wonders field”, “brain ring”, what, where, when”, “guess the melody” are me favorite ones, because they are both informative and interesting. but bast of all i like the programs of “travels club”, because it gives me a chance to travel of other the world with out living home. far away countries and their customs and traditional are come into my living room.

выбери 9 или 10 предложений )) 

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i was sleeping in my bed and dreaming about christmas : )

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3.had dinner

4.was sitting





3. are going to plant


5.to talk

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