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)put in have to/has to/had to or must. 0. it's a fantastic film, you must (or have to) see it. 0. in many countries men have to do miltary service. 1. sarah is a nurse. sommetimes she work at weekends. 2. i didn't have any money with me, so i borrow some. 3. you can't park here for nothing. you pay. 4. i eat too much chocolate. i really stop. 5. in tennis you hit the ball over the net.

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we went to the crimea to have a rest by the sea together with my parents this summer. we stayed at the nice hotel in kerch for two weeks. it wasn't a holiday all by the beach. we took on many excursions. the climate was mild, scenery was colorful and we saw many historic monuments.

we never used to take a guide, because our friends told us about interesting places to see.

i am fortunate that every holiday is better than the previous one, thanks to my parents. the worst vacation was two years ago. we moved to moscow. i said goodbye to many friends.​


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1. in my free time i like read books, play computer, go for a walk with my friends and watch tv.

2.i fond of  dancing, painting,  playing the guitar and cooking.

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Вот past simple
если здесь нет такого слова то добавляй ed
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so, you're asking me about the hobbies in diverse countries? well, i think there are  various hobbies  in diverse countries. in my opinion, the difference of hobbies depends on climatiс conditions in different countries. i would list some of the russian hobbies; here they are: fishing, hunting, football, basketball, volleyball, skiing, skating , bicycling, skateboarding.

as for my family's hobbies, my father is fond of fishing, mysister likes roller skating and i play  badminton.

i hope you passed your exam greatly. which  subject did you pass? was the exam difficult?

кликни "лучшее решение", если несложно.

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