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Дополните предложения. 1.nowadays there are many people who work with computers. but some of them create their own programs. they are . 2. when you have problems with your teeth you must see a . 3. in any office you see a lot of . they are usually dressed in dark suits and white shirts. 4. my mum takes care of sick people in hospital. she is a . 5. would you like to be a ? if so, you have to learn many songs by heart.

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1) the teacher asked me to come in.

2) th doctor asked mary not to sit up late.

3) kate asked nick notto come in there.

4) boris asked me to call him the next day.

5) the teacher said that we had to write that test that day.

6) molly asked me not to aks her about that.

7) amy asked his friend to play the piano following weekend.

8) they said that we had not gardered the day before.

9) mum asked her son not to forget to clean his teeth.

10) she said that her sister had beeing learnt english


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выберите слово из таблицы сверху, чтобы описать что вы чувствуете в этих ситуациях и впишите в пропуски (пробелы). можно использовать более одного слова.

что вы чувствуете

спорите (ссоритесь) со своим лучшим другом? у вас нет друзей? играете со своим питомцем? вам не везет? у вас проблемы в школе? вы разбили зеркало? у вас нет друга или подруги? вы выиграли приз? ваш питомец умер? вам везет? вам не разрешают пойти куда-нибудь вечером?


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прошедшее: кушали,читал,одевалась

настоящее: делаю,смотрит,рисуют

будущее: будут гулять,сделаю,проиграет

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1 programmers

2 dentist

3 clerks/employees/managers

4 a doctor/ a nurse

5 a singer/ a musician

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