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Ответьте на вопросы т-правильно то есть по тексту а f-не правильно! wales and scotland each have a national costume although there is no english one. welsh national dress is seen on such occasions as the annual llangollen eisteddfod. women wear full skirts laced bodices colourful shawls and a specific tall crowned black hat while men have dright waistocoats and flat black hats. the scottish highland dress worn by bouth sexes and based on each clan's distinctive tartan is considered the scottish national dress. for men it includes a tweed jacket a tartan kilt and tartan stockings. women's dress is similar but with a tartan skirt in place of the kilt. scottish costume is worn at many national events such as the highland games but also for everyday use by some scots. a from of dress similar to the scottish one is also worn by the irish on ceremonial or formal occasions showing the common celtic and historical link between the two peoples. members of particular professions and occupations wear special dress. among those considered as distinctively british are the dark blue helmet and uniform of the policeman the ceremonial red tunics and busbies of some army regiments the sixteenth-century scarlet uniform of the beefeaters the gown and mortarboard of university students and the wigs worn by judges. to this one could add the bowler hat pin-striped trousers and rolled umbrella that were at one time almost a uniform for civil servants and city businessmen. items of clothing that are linked with particular social groups are the flat cap, associated with working-class men and the more rounded cap worn by the «country gentlemen». in general, people in great britain dress rather informally. many wear casual clothes most of the time, not just when they are at home on holiday. men and woman wear jeans with a shirt or t-shirt and a sweater to go shopping, meet friends, go to a pub or bar, or take their children out. older people are more likely to dress more smartly. when they go out, women wear a dress or skirt and blouse while men wear a shirt, jacet and trousers. in summer younger people may wear shorts. there are a few occasions, when people like to dress formally. for such occasions like interviews for jobs, men wear lounge suits, and women wear suits or dresses. many weddings, for example, are very formal with men wearing morning dressand women wearing extravagant hats. women also usually wear hats at events, where members of the royal family are present. most people in britain dress smartly to go to a party or restaurent. many people do not now dress up to go to the theatre, as was once common, but prefer to wear casual or office clothes. , scotland and endland each has a national costume. 2. the scottish highland dress and the scottish national dress are one and the same thing on ceremonial or formal occasions the irish wear a form of dress similar to the scottish one. bright waistcoats and flat black hats are two pieces of the welsh national dress worn by men. nowadays civil servants and city businessmen hawe a special uniform. in great britain peopl like to dress formally. pieces of clothing associated with particular social groups are the flat cap and tne more rounded cap. older people dress more smartly than young people. morning dresses are worn by british men in the morning. at the events where members of the royal family are present women have to wear hats.

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our flat is a very beatiful and big- наша квартира большая и красивая. it has three rooms, kitchen, bothroom.-в ней три комнаты ,кухня,ванная. our family like to watch tv in the living room in the morning -наша семья любит смотреть телевизор в гостинной вечером.our flat is on the third floor.-наша квартира находится на третьем этаже.it is a wonderful panoramic view to theforest out of the window.- из окна открывается замечательный вид на лес. i like to spend the time in my room.-я люблю проводить время в своей комнате.


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1) чашка кофе  - a cup of coffee;

2) коробка конфет - a box of sweets, a box of chocolates;

3) стакан молока - a glass of milk;

4) пакет конфет - a bag of sweets, a packet of sweets;

5) бутылка сока - a bottle of juice;

6) кусочек торта - a piece of cake.

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открытый слог - это слог, который заканчивается на гласную

закрытый слог - оканчивается на одну или несколько согласных (кроме r)

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