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51 только грамматически правильно и не из поисковика? нужно написать ответное письмо (100-140words) на эти строчки: i really like extremely sports. do you like sports? what other hobbies do you have? i'm going to wash my dad's car now. he sometimes pays me to do chores! - уровень 10 класса

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  1 variant

2. 1)mary can cook

2) john can't speak english

3) can birds fly?

3. rose (iz), door (s), bone(s), nose(iz), piano(s), port(s), dish(iz), mug(z), park(s)

4.   hello! i am willy. i like to playing with my pet. her name is molly. she is a big white dog. she likes playing with a ball. we always run in the morning in the park.

5.  1) what's your name? my name is 2) how old are you?   i am 143) where are you from? i am from kazakhstan4) are you a pupil? yes, i am5) is your mum a teacher? no, she's not6) can you fly? no, i can't7) do you have a pet? no, i haven't 

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he - tim, tom.

she - kate, ann, jane, jess.

it - hen, tennis, hat, box.

they - foxes, pens.

слова fine, nice - это прилагательные,

                а sing, ride - это глаголы.

а щни не могут относиться к местоимениям.


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1. we didn't expect you to come back so early - we didn't expect him to interrupt us - we didn't expect her to speak english so well - we didn't expect them to replace us - we didn't expect her to make such interesting report - we didn't expect them to listen to tthe lecture so attentively.

2. i never heard him sing/singing - i never heard them speak/speaking english - i never heard you translate/translating from russian into french.


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hi there! thanks for your letter, i was glad to finally hear from you. how have you been?

speaking of sports, i do like such sports as swimming, running and i also love playing volleyball because it not only helps me to keep fit but also improves such skill as working in a team. i don't really like extreme sports because i don't feel like taking risks although i heard extreme sports help you build character. 

besides sports i like photography. my specialty is taking pictures of animals. it's really fascinating as i get to watch animals' behaviour and make great photos of them at the same time!

my parents never pay me to do house work. maybe it is the reason why i rarely do it.

anyway, i have to go now because i've got to revise for a test!

write back soon.



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